Heat Sensitive Table Set

Posted: August 14, 2012
"Linger a Little Longer" - Heat Sensitive Table by Jay Watson

A few months ago, we featured Charles Lushear's reinvention of the cheap plastic, old-school NES controller into the rich, interwoven woods of his terrifically classy Working Nintendo Controller Coffee Table (and then we gave it away to a lucky Dude reader). Now, nimble-minded designer Jay Watson has similarly upgraded the circa-1992 Hypercolor concept from schticky, bubblegum wares to sleek, suave home decor. His heat sensitive table and bench, entitled "Linger a Little Longer", not only employs a thermochromatic finish that visibly responds to heat, but it trades the raucous Roy G Biv neons of handprint T-shirts and color-changing coffee mugs for more subdued--but equally fascinating--shades of neutral. It's a standout conversation piece whose conversation probably won't end with, "Looks like they've got more money than taste."

Obviously, my favorite elements of the heat sensitive set are the detailed ass outlines its bench picks up. No surprise there. But the remnants of meals--coffee mug rings, impressions from hot platters, maybe a round mass from a pie left on a silicone mat to cool--that imprint on the table long after the dishes have been cleared are pretty rad in a reflectively poetic sort of way too.

The "Linger a Little Longer" set pictured was carved from solid European Oak, and finished in black. Additional colors and timbers--as well as pricing--are available upon request. The table measures 78.7" long x 33.5" wide x 28.7" high, and the bench 70.9" long x 11.8" wide x 17" high. Turnaround time from date of order is 6 to 8 weeks.

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