Fluttua Floating Bed

Posted: July 19, 2015
Fluttua Floating Bed
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Is it magnets? Sound waves? Propellors on the underside that make Lago Studio's Fluttua Bed float? Nah. Just a hidden stanchion extending from the frame to the floor, plus a top-end connection to the wall, and some carefully selected camera angles. Still, the ultra-modern minimalist design is a stunner and the kind of contemporary magic carpet ride I'd sure be down to go on.

The Fluttua Bed includes an optional under-bed light to further enhance its floating effect. The frame is made of an HPL base with painted metal tube leg. Its headboard is wood-composite and foam rubber upholstered in a choice of ecological cotton, eco-leather, or leather cover. This listing is for the king bed; other sizes are also available.

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