Fibonacci Coffee Table

Posted: March 24, 2021
Fibonacci Coffee Table

I don't know if this coffee table's spiraling, stair-stepped center is an accurate representation of the Fibonacci sequence, or if math was on the brain of the cat who designed this piece of furniture. (At least not in the way love was on the brain of the dude who designed the Bowchair.) I suppose you could also look at the cocktail table and see a tornado, or maybe an amphitheatre for all those music and sporting events whose return we're longing for.

What I do know is the Fibonacci / tornado / amphitheatre coffee table is a unique example of mid-century modern design, and sure to be a standout and conversation piece in any living room. I'm also hoping the tempered glass top comes off, as I think those descending ledges would be the perfect place to display my collection of LEGO minifigs.

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