EverBlock Building Block Wall Kits

Posted: February 15, 2022
EverBlock Building Block Wall Kits

Of course EverBlock can't say it out loud, but one look at these big ol' building blocks, and it's obvious what they are: life-size LEGOs! I first wrote about EverBlocks in 2015, but with the pandemic and WFH requirements / possibilities corralling us into shared, perhaps smaller spaces with our families and roomies, I thought a special showing of EverBlock's Building Block Wall Kits was in order.

Available in an array of configuration possibilities, EverBlock Building Block Wall Kits come with all the blocks and pieces you need to build a modular wall in your home, work, or event space. Since EverBlocks have an interlocking design, no additional tools are required to assemble them, or add to / modify them once built.

You can purchase Building Block Wall Kits based on custom height and width specifications, and choose from several different colors. Kit styles include: Simple (a solid wall); Stagger Pattern; walls with doors, walls in L, U, and full room shapes to completely close off your space; cubicles; and trade show booths.

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