Dripping Glass Jellyfish Sculptures

Posted: August 18, 2017
Glass Jellyfish Tables

Daniela Forti creates these sick jellyfish sculptures and sculptural tables that I would definitely break within 5 minutes of owning using a glassworking technique called glass fusion, and a physics technique called gravity. The Italian designer melts down solid pieces of glass into a common cauldron, allowing them to mix and weave together into new shapes.

In her jellyfish collection ("Meduse," the Italian word for "jellyfish"), Forti calls on an easy resource, gravity, to produce the sculptures' tentacles. She simply allows the glass to drip downward as it cools and hardens. Her pieces come in many different sizes, ranging from jellyfish babies for your tabletop to veritable Portuguese men o' war ready to serve as the tabletop themselves.

Forti works out of her studio in Chianti, Tuscany, and I wonder if she knows Dutchman Jolan van der Wiel. He makes similarly sweet melted- / jellyfish-looking furniture. But van der Wiel adds the force of magnetic fields, and possibly the Schwartz, to that of gravity to achieve effects like these in his work.

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