Discommon Embossed Vehicle Coffee Tables

Posted: January 05, 2019
Discommon Embossed Vehicle Coffee Tables
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All of Discommon Goods' pieces are collaborative efforts between mostly anonymous designers from fields ranging from automotive to superyachts. And if you want one of the 10 showstopping embossed vehicle coffee tables Discommon has committed to making, you'll get to choose which fields those designers come from. The two completed coffee tables the firm features on their website see a Ferrari F40 and Ford GT seemingly rising out of a pool of liquid metal, but if you've got the $20,000+ to commission your own table, you'll be able to have Discommon machine any vehicle - car, truck, VW bus, boat, fighter jet - rising from its aluminum abyss.

The embossed vehicle coffee tables shown here began as 4' long x 4" thick blocks of aluminum and, between modeling the F40 and GT and then putting them through texture development, took Discommon designers over 100 hours to create. Clients of future tables will be involved throughout the fabrication process, with a choice of surface finishes, input on the texture plan, and selection of the hard anodized color that sets the finished table off.

Sure, the F40 has already been done, but if I were buying a badass race car table from Discommon, I'd still probably go with that make. What better to set off my Ferrari coffee table book than an embossed Ferrari coffee table?

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