Posted: January 16, 2017
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A DDASUMI Bed Tent provides the best of both worlds: the comfort and coziness of your own bed and the fresh air and starry skies of the great...wait. No. No outdoor air or stars. Just the polyester, temperamental poles, and low head clearance of the tent you agree to sleep in as a tradeoff for being able to enjoy those things. So I guess it's more like a DDASUMI Bed Tent provides the best of one world and the worst of another?

For their part, the Japanese company promotes the privacy and additional warmth their indoor tents offer. Especially the warmth. I guess if you're trying to save money on heating bills, are cheap, or are living with a polar bear who insists on keeping the thermostat at 45, a cold-air-blocking, warm-air-containing tent could keep your costs down without giving you the shivers. But I'm pretty sure so could blankets.

Kiddos will still probably dig the Bed Tents on their fort aesthetics alone, and if you're a die hard camper, maybe you will too. Tents set up for use on a queen bed at 88" long x 59" wide x 53" high.

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