Convertible Bean Bag Chair Bed

Posted: October 01, 2016
Convertible Bean Bag Chair Bed
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A full-size bed that pulls out of a bean bag chair: sweet. A full-size bed you have to stuff back inside a bean bag chair when you're done with it: hope you didn't have plans this weekend. I'd rather carry a couch 5 blocks with some a-hole who keeps tilting all the weight to my end.

Or would I?

Maker CordaRoy swears both dislodging the convertible bean bag chair's beddy center and shoving it back inside are as easy as makin' a taco, puttin' on a sock, and shakin' out the laundry. As in, fold the bed in half like a taco, slide it into the cover like a sock, and bouncy, bouncy the mattress into place once inside. It's a 2-person job, but come on, if your friend Cornelius expects you to let him crash at your place when he gets in a fight with his girlfriend, the least he can do is help un- and re-bean bag his bed.

The full-size version of CordaRoy's chair is 42" wide in bean bag form, and 54" x 75" x 8" as a mattress. The mattress is stuffed with soft shredded foam, and the cover is machine washable / dryable chenille.

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