Comet Smart Nightstand with Cooler

Posted: August 30, 2020
Comet Smart Nightstand with Cooler
$499 - $1,300
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The only thing missing is a lube warmer. The Comet Smart Nightstand endeavors to make you love spending time in bed even more than you already do (that's gonna be tough), and enable you to spend even more time in bed than you already are (OK I'm listening). Packed with features ranging from a big ol' constellation-themed cooler under the table's slide-away top surface, to a Qi wireless charging station that covers the entirety of that same surface, to a touch panel of apps and smart home controls built into the surface, The Comet Smart Nightstand is your Coolest Coffee Table for the bedroom.

Maybe version 2.0 will think to add the lube warmer.

Available for crowdfunding / pre-order on IndieGoGo, the Comet Smart Nightstand will come in 24" x 14" and 36" 18" sizes. Both are sleek white cylinders - think Apple meets NASA - suitable for their namesake use next to your bed, or in other living areas of your house.

In addition to the built-ins mentioned above, Comet Nightstands also come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker sound system, and motion-activated ambient lighting in the base.

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