Clothespin Bench

Posted: June 09, 2023
Clothespin Bench
$9,400 - $14,300
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This Clothespin Bench, handmade by Matheson Woodwork, has a gripping story behind it. Well, gripping might be an exaggeration, but given the clamping nature of the subject matter, I'm going with it.

Aaron Matheson had clients with a giant piece of lumber on a property they were planning to build on. They wanted to make a piece of furniture out of it, and were looking for something unique, and possibly inspired by the Pop Art movement. With some back-and-forth brainstorming, Matheson and the clients came up with a bench carved and accented to look like a clothespin, and the Clothespin Bench was born.

The pictured Clothespin Bench is 6' long, 12" wide, and 18" tall. It is made from solid hardwood Madrone (the clients' piece of lumber) and fitted with a 3/4" thick steel round-bar bent to look like the pin's spring assembly, and painted a custom red. If you want your own Clothespin Bench, Matheson will customize it to your tastes, including wood type, spring color, and overall size, if you're looking for something bigger or smaller.

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