Cable Knit Armchair Slipcover

Posted: January 19, 2013
Cable Knit Armchair Slipcover
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Hmmm, ummm, just...hmmm. A cable knit slipcover, huh? I guess on the one hand it looks cozy, but on the other it looks...itchy. Also like if you sit on it for more than 5 minutes you're going to have that diamond and sine wave pattern branded onto your back and ass for the forseeable future. But I appreciate the immense skill and elbow grease that must have gone into knitting the armchair a sweater. Needle maestro Lynn Garrett makes all of her slipcovers to order, custom-fitting them to the chair buyers wish to yuppify and keep warm. The magnum opus of yarn is machine washable on a wool cycle. Listed cost is an estimate, with final pricing based on slipcover size and complexity.

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