Boomerang Bed

Posted: September 02, 2022
Boomerang Bed

The Boomerang Bed is the perfect name for Portuguese designer Joao Teixeira's piece of sleep-work-hang furniture. With its slidable work, dining, and streaming table, and relaxing, minimalist aesthetic, it's the bed, day and night, you'll keep coming back to.

In addition to the slick integrated table, the Boomerang Bed features an upholstered headboard for seated comfort while using it. The foot of the bed also incorporates a storage area for shoes, blankets, and other gear, which Teixeira deliberately left open to avoid a "saturated and heavy design" he felt would result from enclosed drawers and other hidden storage options.

While not currently in production, Teixeira's website notes he is looking for a manufacturer to collaborate on bringing the Boomerang Bed to life.

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