Batman Tables

Posted: March 27, 2013
Batman Tables

The glass-half-full perspective would admire and appreciate Charles Lushear's new collection of Batman tables as the tasteful approach to geekery that they are. The glass-half-empty perspective would hiss and gripe at DC Comics, which has allowed Lushear to display them on his Bohemian Workbench Website, but prohibited their sale. As a member of the second category, I would like to extend the following sentiments to DC Comics: you guys are a bunch of turds.

Ownership, copyrights, blahblah, yeah I know. It's just a shame the pair of walnut beauties and lone black bat signal are primed to provide a flat surface for a few lucky fans' Batman comics, Batman Blu-rays, Batman figurines, and 1:6 scale Batmobile replica--all items from which DC has profited handsomely--but will never have the opportunity. As a consolation, Nintendo either isn't as greedy as DC or didn't get their intellectual property ducks in a row when they had the chance, so Lushear will gladly peddle his latest, equally impressive fully-functional Nintendo controller coffee table.

Feel free to contact Lushear with inquiries about any of his pieces at [email protected].

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