Basketball Bunk Bed

Posted: September 26, 2020
Basketball Bunk Bed
$5,995 - $6,990
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Hoop time, hoop time.... I mean, Bed time, bed time.... I mean, Hoop time, bed time, hoop bed! The Basketball Bunk Bed from Tanglewood Design is the ultimate young NBA hopeful's bedroom installation. The combo shooting and sleeping setup's obvious slam dunk is its authentic, full-size glass backboard, but coming in with commendable assists are the bunk's built-in staircase and slide options for getting in and out of the top bed, and work desk tucked into the piece's right side.

The Basketball Bunk Bed also has storage shelves and drawers, and Tanglewood Design will customize their design to your color preferences, plus personalize it with your kiddos' names and favorite jersey numbers. Upgrades for adding full-size mattresses to the top and bottom bunks are also possible. No basketball is included, but this Spalding Galaxy ball would make a nice addition to the bunks, as well as ensure the Basketball Bunk Bed serves its purpose of entertaining your kids, and creating as much chaos and damage as possible in their bedroom.

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