Balluga Smart Interactive Bed

Posted: March 23, 2016
$1,199 - $1,999
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How many reasons do you have not to get out of bed in the morning? Balluga will add at least half a dozen more. This interactive bed claims it is the World's Smartest, and after reading a bit about it, I'll at least grant it's a whole lot smarter than my bed.

Fine. A whole lot smarter than myself too.

Balluga uses a hat trick of materials, design, and tech to create ideal individual sleep conditions, every night. Even if those conditions change from night to night. Or throughout a single night. Aesthetically, Balluga's most notable feature is its layers of inflatable air spring cells, which intersperse with supporting layers of foam, and make the mattress' insides look like a neatly arranged ball pit. Weeee!

The air spring cells are crafted to hold their integrity over time, so the Balluga won't compress, sag, or enter into Middle Dip territory with age. The cells also contribute to Balluga's Active Suspension System. This nifty piece of tech monitors your body's pressure on different mattress zones, and then automatically increases or decreases the air pressure to keep you properly supported and aligned as you sleep, be it on your back, side, or front.

Additional Balluga feats of smart slumber include:

  • Adustable Firmness Control. The bed's suspension allows you and your bedmate to alter your desired mattress firmness independently, and each time you lie down.
  • Climate Control System. Oh yes please, Baby Jesus! Balluga can output continuous airflow to keep you at your optimal temperature during the night. Again, each side of the mattress is independent so each bear in the bed can select personal settings.
  • Vibro Massage System. Oh yes please, Baby Jesus! Times two! Balluga has a built-in pressure point massage system both for muscle relaxation and--and!--your morning wakeup call. A gentle full-body tingle as your new alarm clock.
  • Anti-Snoring System. A built-in sensor automatically detects snoring sound wave patterns and triggers the air suspension sections below your head to raise or lower your pillow until the snoring stops. Which is a helluva lot nicer than my girlfriend's approach to my log-sawing.
  • Sleep Monitoring. Sensors record biometrics such as body temperature and heart rate, plus external conditions such as room temperature, and send the data to the Balluga app. There the information is analyzed and passed back to the mattress' active air suspension, temperature control, and vibro massage systems, which automatically adjust your mattress settings.
  • Ambient Courtesy Lighting. Movement sensors trigger a built-in LED lighting system when you need to take a wee in the wee hours.

Balluga, still in prototype stages, has set up a huge bed frame for itself to fill. If you believe this smart mattress can do it, head over to its Kickstarter campaign page and pledge for yours through April 22, 2016.

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