Backpack Sofa

Posted: September 05, 2012
Backpack Sofa
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Backpacking season is drawing to a close, but here's a ray of sunshine to keep you fueled through the harsh winter: Eastpak's Backpack Sofa, a rigid polyurethane foam and cordura concoction that promises to replicate the discomforts of mountain treks and national parks, without all the sweeping landscapes, picturesque scenery, and moose spottings that make them worth it. The ideal unenjoyable "roughing it" experience right in your own living room!

I joke, I joke. The Eastpak Sofa actually looks pretty comfy. And all those zippered pockets begging to be filled with remotes and magazines and bottle openers and sleeves of Oreos and DVDs I don't want out in the open when my mom comes over to clean my condo are like a gift from backpack heaven. I wonder how many Luna Bars I could stuff in this thing. Probably 674. Not that I eat Luna Bars. Those are for girls.

Eastpak's Couch represents the debut collaboration between the outdoor gear magnate's in-house creative team and designers Quinze & Milan. Total dimensions are 59" long x 28" high x 39" deep. The sofa's sitting area measures 35" long x 15.3" high x 24" deep.

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