ATOLL Induction Cooking & Dining Table

Posted: January 30, 2022
ATOLL Induction Cooking & Dining Table

Invite some friends over, seat them at your beautiful ATOLL dining table, and then...make them cook their own damn dinner. Now that's the kind of entertaining I'm talkin' about.

The ATOLL is a dining room table with a built-in induction cooktop. Its surface is ceramic, and comes standard with 2 induction cooking hobs. ATOLL builds are customizable - you choose what size table you want, the surface color, and leg style. The cooking components, being induction, are embedded flush with the surface, so you can use the table for working, reading, and piling up mail and delivery boxes when you're not cooking.

The ATOLL porcelain ceramic table/cooktop is resistant to scratches, abrasion, temperature, and liquid spills. It is compatible with any induction-friendly cookware.

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