Astronaut Rabbit Side Table

Posted: July 10, 2022
Astronaut Rabbit Side Table
$575.63 - $591.63
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Oh, and if a jade green Astronaut Rabbit Side Table isn't kooky enough for you in and of itself, bonus alert! Space Bunny's helmet is also a tissue dispenser!

It's not really clear how or why the Astronaut Rabbit Side Table came to be - does it symbolize something? Is Thumper the Explorer a popular cartoon hero in Finland? Is this some next-generation Frank here to warn all the world's Donnie Darkos of its imminent end? - but like all great inventions and pieces of furniture, the how and why aren't really important. That the table exists at all, as a glorious nod to NASA and...Easter, is what matters.

The Astronaut Rabbit Side Table comes in two designs, the one pictured above, of a 27.5" tall rabbit standing flat on the floor, and a second that adds about 8" to the table's height via a round, stump-like base beneath the rabbit's feet. The base, further confusing the Astronaut Rabbit Side Table situation, is embossed with the words "Happy Family."

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