Alien Butler Pedestal Table

Posted: March 22, 2022
Alien Butler Pedestal Table
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Call this Alien Butler Roswell, because everyone has heard of Roswell, and no one has heard of his (her? their? its?) real name, Keilleilleillopeenope. Or, I don't know, maybe the little alien's language doesn't even use words, and his / her / their / its name is just a hand gesture, or a symbol (RIP Prince!)

It doesn't really matter either way, because no one will be using the alien's real name where he's going, which is your living room, front entryway, or mancave, where he will be enslaved on a piece of resin stone, and stuck holding out a small tray to support your drinks, phones, and discarded pieces of EDC in perpetuity. So just call him Roswell.

Roswell, the Alien Butler Pedestal Table stands 26" tall x 10.5" in diameter.

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