adorTable Concrete Coffee Tables

Posted: December 23, 2021
adorTable Concrete Coffee Tables

What would you call Stephan Schmitz's adorTable concrete coffee tables? Deteriorated beauty? Post-apocalyptic design? Earthquake chic? This hyper-industrial, busted-up look isn't normally the type of furniture I'd go for - I'm more of a cushy couch one can lie on for hours, maybe days, kind of guy - but I have to admit Schmitz's raw construction material creations are stunning. They don't even look cold or unwelcoming paired with the other interior design elements they're shown with (good on whomever set up those shots) they just look great.

Great...but also hazardous in terms of toe-stubbing and trying to maneuver around when drunk.

Schmitz builds his adorTable concrete coffee tables from his home in the Eifel region of Germany. In addition to concrete, he also incorporates metal, largely rebar, and old wood and construction timber.

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