Ace Collection Jumbo Mattresses

Posted: January 03, 2020
Ace Collection Jumbo Mattresses

I've got an ace up my mattress for all the bed hogs, parents and pet owners, tossers and turners, spread-eagle sleepers, and rambunctious rollers in the hay out there: the Ace Collection. The Ace Collection is a line of jumbo mattresses - and I mean jumbo mattresses - that will put even your California king bed to shame.

The Ace Collection's "standard" mattress, what they call Ace Size is a girthy 108" wide. By comparison, a king mattress is 76" wide. For ye tall drinks of water Ace also makes a Player Size mattress that turns its width 90 degrees - this slumber buddy is a stretch-ready 108" long x 80" wide.

The Ace Collection's royal flush, though, comes courtesy of its Family Size Mattress, the 144" wide by 80" long sleeping beauty you see in the image above. Big enough for you, your wife, your 2 kids, your golden doodle, your cousin Darryl, your other cousin Darryl.... Here's hoping the Ace Collection sells bedding too, because I'm not sure if even the biggest blanket ever would cover this behemoth of dreamland.

All Ace Collection Mattresses are 12" to 13" thick, made of individually wrapped pocket coils. Mattress are topped with a 2" specified density foam in your choice of soft or medium-firm, covered in bamboo fabric. You'll order your mattress as a custom assembly according to selections of size, base style, headboard style, and, yes, bedding.

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