Abacus Chair

Posted: March 07, 2014
Abacus Chair

"Dare to adorn your suit with flowers and then laugh all summer!" I'm not sure what that piece of advice has to do with an abacus chair...or that listening to it won't get you beat up immediately...but it stands as Ieva Urboniene's description of her handmade piece of mathematically charged furniture. Maybe something was lost in translation from her native Lithuanian. It's probably supposed to say something like, "Dare to adorn your chair with counting frames and then develop OCD counting things." That's what I'd do with it anyway. I'd count how many sodies I drank today. How many commercials were shown during a single episode of The Walking Dead. How many times someone on the E! channel made duck face when I was flipping channels during Walking Dead commercial breaks....

The abacus chair also serves as a utilitarian piece of furniture for couples, as the women can use one side to keep track of how many times in a week they're right and the men are wrong, and the men can use the other side to keep track of how many times in a week the women try to weasel their way out of sex. I wonder who will run out of beads first.

Abacus chair materials include wood, stainless steel, and 100& pure new wool. Measurements are 34" x 39" x 35".

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