Zyp-Zyp Minimalist Tape Dispenser

Posted: August 15, 2016
Zyp-Zyp Minimalist Tape Dispenser
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Zyp-Zyp is the first tape dispenser that doubles as a self defense tool. Just slide the spool over a finger or two, bear its bronze teeth, and...just kidding. German artist Pascal Heiler didn't design the Zyp-Zyp to bite, gnaw, or slash anything but your favorite brand of adhesive.

But how simply and elegantly the minimalist dispenser gets its lone job done. Check out the video to see the ease with which Zyp-Zyp rocks back to flip up the end of the tape so you can unroll it and tear a strip off. The wedge then rocks back to resecure and keep the end accessible for next time.

Heiler uses a copper, nickel, and tin-alloy compound called Niclafor to make Zyp-Zyps, which he then finishes by hand. The dispenser holds rolls of tape 1/2" wide, and of any length / diameter of tape roll.

Muchas danke to Core 77.

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