USB LED Clock Fan

Posted: January 09, 2017
USB LED Clock Fan

I'm hot. It's stuffy in here. What's the temperature? Is it time to go home yet? Will someone please just tell me they love me?! The solutions and answers to all of life's problems and questions are right here, blowin' in the wind. This USB LED desktop fan can do it all. The 6" metal fan plugs into any USB power source to blow out an LED display of the time, current temperature, and special messages along with its cooling air.

Set the time during your first use of the fan, and it will project it as an analog clock face in green LED numbers and red LED hour / minute hands as the breeze blows (unplugging the fan's USB will not "lose" the time or require resetting during the next use). The fan also detects and projects realtime temperature in F and C. If you want more communication with your bladed buddy, select one of four built-in messages for the LED display: I Love You; Hot Summer; Take It Easy; or Be Cool.

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