United Scientific Density Cube Set

Posted: June 27, 2016
United Scientific Density Cube Set
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The United Scientific Density Cube Set is for when you're tired of slingshotting marshmallows with your Mallow Bow. Just kidding. It's for scientific experiments. Like...oh! I have an idea for one: which is the lowest density material that can still leave a noticeable goose egg on the back of my friend Cornelius' head when fired 60' from an MMX Marshmallow Crossbow....

The Density Cube Set includes 10 x 1" cubes made of: acrylic; oak; pine; poplar; steel; aluminum; copper; brass; nylon; and PVC. They come arranged in a wooden box with identification labels on the lid.

For those with no real need to explore density, the cubes also make an offbeat conversation piece for your desktop, or gift for your favorite blockhead.

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