Unicorn in a Narwhal Sculpture

Posted: November 29, 2014
Unicorn Narwhal Sculpture
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Holy crap, it's fantastical beast overload! It almost hurts to look at it, it's so stirring and extraordinary. And, according to the unicornarwhal sculpture's creators, it also explains a lot. How can a whale with a ginormous horn protruding from its cranium possibly exist? Well...it swallowed, and is now being internally controlled by, Jonah's pet unicorn. Together they travel the seas spreading joy and rainbows to all the good little fishies and sailors, and giving anal probes to the bad ones.

The "Rainbow Magic" unicorn-narwhal hybrid sculpture is made of resin and measures 24 glorious inches long from horn to tail. It exists as part of a limited and very pricy edition of 8. Each piece has been hand made and comes with a stand and Certificate of Authenticity from God.

The unicorn in a narwhal sculpture is a top Dude Gift for Your Girlfriend pick.

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