The Meteorite Pen

Posted: March 29, 2017
The Meteorite Pen
$399 - $449
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What's this strange thing from outer space, you ask? It's called a pen. Humans used to use them to communicate in writing before there were computer keyboards and touchscreens. And this particular pen, the Meteorite Pen, emanates an even more outer spacey vibe thanks to the encrusting of its body and cap barrels with real Campo del Cielo fragments.

B. Smith & Co. will handcraft each Meteorite Pen from black titanium-plated hardware and bits of a meteorite that crashed to earth (in a fireball!) 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. Kickstarter backers will have a choice between a fountain or rollerball version of the pen. The former will have a fine point two-tone stainless steel nib and 2 ways to fill the ink supply--a standard cartridge and a piston converter. The rollerball, for those looking more for an everyday use pen, will ship with a Schmidt 5888 fine point black ink refill.

The Meteorite Pen's Kickstarter campaign runs through April 24, 2017; pledge for one here, and a piece of the universe you'll probably never see in its own home can be a part of yours.

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