T-Rex Tape Dispenser

Posted: November 04, 2021
T-Rex Tape Dispenser
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As T-Rex was the big boy of the dinosaur world, so too is the T-Rex Tape Dispenser the big boy of the tape-dispensing world. Creator and 3D printer Meow 3D Store lists the plastic Scotch tape feeder's dimensions as 5" x 4" x 3.6", but check out T-Rex's skull in the hands of some happy buyers. It's. Huge.

And, provided you have the countertop or desktop space, ain't nothing wrong with that, because a T-Rex Tape Dispenser is nothing if not a statement piece. Especially if you opt for one of Meow 3D Store's more standout colors. Red. Orange. Pink. Glow in the Dark.

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