Retro Flip-Open A-Z Address Book

Posted: July 13, 2018
Retro Flip-Open A-Z Address Book
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See, if you stick to flip-open A-Z address books and tin cans connected by string they can't track you or steal your data!

I must admit, nostalgia sets in hard when I look at Home-X's retro style flip-open A-Z address book. My grandma used to have one that I loved to, as you might guess, flip open. And then push shut. And then flip open again. At age 6, I had only a vague sense of the information stored inside the address book, and zero appreciation for its clever design.

But now I get it. I mean, behold the genius! An address book whose front cover is fitted with a slide bar and push button rigged to flip! open right exactly to the letter of the name of the person you're looking for! It's like the 1960s* version smart tech. A smart little black book.

This flip-open A-Z address book has silver detailing and a magnifying index selector so you can actually see which of the 26 letters crammed on the slide bar you've selected.

*(1950s? 1970s? When did these snazzy flippers come out?)

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