Real Glowing Jellyfish Sculptures

Posted: September 10, 2014
Real Glowing Jellyfish Sculptures

Sealife Creations turns deceased jellyfish--the second most common creature on earth next to insects, they say--into handmade sculpted works of art for the desktop. Most of the oval encasements range from 4" to 7" tall and house an array of jellyfish breeds, both abundant and rare, large and small, from all over the world. For example:

  • Though jellyfish have been around for over 500 million years, red sea Nettles from Australia were just discovered in 2007 because they live at such extreme ocean depths.
  • Blue green jellyfish come from Ibiza and the surrounding souther islands of Spain. Rarely seen, they come ashore only every other Leap Year.
  • Black medusas live at the bottom of the ocean in a single contained region near Southern California. They can grow to size giant and eat pretty much anything in their path. One of the rarest seen jellyfish in the world.
  • Blue fire jellyfish are found in the Florida Keys and seen widely across the area.

Since jellyfish are bioluminescent, Sealife Creations' jellyfish sculptures glow naturally (photos depict them in black light), and Sealife Creations guarantees theirs will glow for life. For those interested, the effect is thanks to the animals' Green Fluorescent Protein, or GFP, content. In recent years science and medical fields have also put GFP to use in tracking cancer cells, studying the loss of brain cells in Alzheimer's patients, and identifying toxic substances in drinking water.

These jellyfish sculptures are not made of glass, but of a material unmentioned and by "using techniques of a time passed." As such, Sealife Creations also guarantees their works will not break.

December 2014 Update: We have enough negative feedback from readers who have ordered a jellyfish sculpture and never received it that we are removing the link to its purchasing page and listing it as Discontinued. As always, if you buy (or try to buy) an item featured on Dude and have a negative experience with it or its vendors, we encourage you to leave your feedback in our Comments section below.

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