Post-it Extreme Notes

Posted: March 13, 2018
Post-it Extreme Notes
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Welcome to Post-It Extreme! Where players compete to write the most intense, provocative, daaangerous notes and reminders! You leave a Post-It to pick up milk at the store? Lame! At Post-It Extreme we leave Post-Its to buy a f**king cow and milk that b**ch!

Next hit game show, don't you think?

Nah, Post-It Extreme is the name for Post-It's heavy duty notepads. They say their paper and adhesive are "ultra-strong" and "dura-hold," able to stick to tough and textured surfaces, as well as hold up in hot, cold, and wet environments. Apply them to concrete / cement, raw or painted wood, cinderblock, tile, steel, or that frosted pint of Birthday Cake Halo Top Cornelius better "Keep your fat fingers off!"

You can use Post-It Extreme notes indoors or out, but if you're going to test out their resilience against water, you need to stick them onto a dry surface, which can then get wet. Notes are 3" x 3" and those shown here come with 45 sheets per pad, 3 pads per Post-It Extreme pack.

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