Pencil Time Pencils

Posted: September 04, 2017
Pencil Time Pencils
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Do you know what time it is? ... It's Mother Fucking Pencil Time! Going back to school? It's Mother Fucking Pencil Time! Leaving the kids a list of chores? It's Mother Fucking Pencil Time! Filling out your order at Umami Sushi? It's Mother Vucking Pencil Time! Voting absentee in the mid-term elections? It's Mother Fucking Pencil Time!

Keyboards, touchscreens, voice assistants - that's a bunch of pansy-ass bullshit there. Over here, we're hard core. We got wood. We got graphite. We got rubber. We got hand cramps and callouses on our middle fingers. We. Know. Cursive.

Because we know, we've always known, and we'll never forget: It's Mother Fucking Pencil Time!

Maybe the only thing better than a 3-pack of metallic pencils announcing that It's Mother Fucking Pencil Time is pencil creator Sharing Machine's advice to buyers ready to indulge in the $2.75 purchase:

"We suggest you also order a print or mug with this, or the shipping cost won't make sense. No tears, please, if you buy these by themselves like a chump and then get mad that the shipping costs more than the pencils."

Ha! Mother Fucking Pencil Time meets Too Mother Fucking Bad Time! Well played, Sharing Machine.

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