MOVA Green-Powered Rotating Globe Cube

Posted: December 15, 2018
MOVA Green-Powered Rotating Globe Cube

MOVA Globe Cubes are MOVA's next iteration of their battery-, wire-, and cord-free rotating globe concept. The original MOVA Globes rotate within clear acrylic globes set on top of stylized pedestals. MOVA Globe Cubes fully encase the star of the show inside an acrylic cube filled with clear fluids. This gives it the added visual effect of hovering in the air as it rotates .

MOVA Globe Cubes, like their predecessors, are able to spin without the assistance of added tech thanks to a combination of solar power and torque pull from Earth's magnetic field. Place a MOVA Cube in any type of ambient light, from direct or indirect sunlight to LED and fluorescent, and let the spins begin!

The MOVA Globe Cube here depicts a calming satellite view of Earth from space. MOVA also makes Globe Cubes printed with relief maps, historical maps, and political maps for anyone still hunting down a gift for Dad who might prefer those versions.

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