Monthly Measure Perpetual Calendar & Ruler

Posted: July 12, 2018
Monthly Measure Perpetual Calendar & Ruler
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Are you into dates and measures? How about a calendar that lasts forever? And the metric system? Monthly Measure is a combination perpetual calendar, ruler, and desktop display piece.

Designed by Sebastian Bergne, Monthly Measure consists of a serrated beech wood ruler and cast aluminum star piece you can roll along the notches to indicate today's date. The 7-pointed star has letters printed on it to represent days of the week too, so you can insert it with the corresponding point down to indicate how close you are to Friday.

Measuring fun comes in with the numerical dates on the ruler, which are positioned exactly 1 cm apart for gauging lengths up to 32 cm, or just over 1 foot.

Monthly Measure calendars come in either a natural wood or stained black finish.

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