Module Concrete Pens & Pencil

Posted: September 26, 2022
Module Concrete Pens & Pencil
$80 - $150
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Need a concrete answer? Want to give someone a hard No? Write your requests and responses with a Module concrete pen or pencil from 22STUDIO. The writing tools come in 3 Module styles, Rollerball Pen, Fountain Pen, and Mechanical Pencil, all with concrete barrels described as "a miniature version of a fair-faced concrete surface, including its dividing lines and screw holes." Their architectural aesthetic follows the Beton brut - "raw concrete" in English - method of design.

Module pens and pencils take 22STUDIO artists around 2 weeks to build, cast, and set, and the patterns and textures in each piece are unique. Caps are made of stainless steel, and almost all innards, including nibs, pistons, and cartridges are from Germany's SCHMIDT Technology.

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