MechOwlie Steampunk Owl

Posted: October 06, 2012
Mechowlie Steampunk Owl

Maybe the wise old steampunk MechOwlies can tell me why. Tell me why ain't nothin' but a heartache. Tell me why ain't nothin' but a mistake. Tell me why I never wanna hear you say I want it that way. Or at least whether or not AJ's third stint in rehab helped him conquer his demons at last. Kimberly Hart's industrial owl statues are handsculpted from polymer clay, and finished with mica powders to give them a pronounced metallic sheen. Much like in nature, creations are custom, and though similarities may exist from hooter to hooter, no two hooters are exactly alike. But all hooters have pronounced details, such as big...gear eyes, tiny beaks, tucked-back wings, and steampunked-out chain links, rivets, panels, and other apropos appropriations.

Hart's complete collection of MechOwlies forged to date can be viewed in her Deviant Art gallery. Those seeking a MechOwlie of their own can order through her Etsy shop. Be sure to designate desired colors, such as worn steel/silver, antiqued brass, gold, blue, or copper.

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