MARBOLOUS Modern, Mechanical Marble Track

Posted: April 25, 2022
MARBOLOUS Modern, Mechanical Marble Track
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You. Look. MARBOLOUS! MARBOLOUS, indeed, you mesmerizing marble track going all kinetic with your artfulness on my desktop. The MARBOLOUS marble track is an ode to the popular childhood toy that German BFFs Baffy and Jan decided to reinvent as a modern, minimalist, and mechanical design object equally suitable for play and display.

The MARBOLOUS track is made of metal, and sits inside a glass dome, both for dust protection and a 360-degree view of the marbles inside taking their turns down the spiraling chutes. MARBOLOUS requires no batteries, but does dispatch its own marbles at the press of a lever on the piece's cork-framed base. When a marble completes its run, it automatically returns to the mechanical lifting system.

The MARBOLOUS marble track is 10.5" tall x 6.3" in diameter. Those who fund the project on Kickstarter will have a choice of a black or white base, each coming with 25 of the opposite color marbles. The MARBOLOUS crowdfunding campaign runs through May 20, 2022.

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