Luxury Star Wars Pens

Posted: January 02, 2016
Luxury Star Wars Pens
$2,070 - $24,500
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I never understood why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for a fountain pen. But ST Dupont has created a series of them honoring Star Wars, including a Tie-Fighter, an X-Wing, and two extra super special Darth Vader and Yoda lightsaber pens that levitate above their bases, and they're charging between 1,400 and 16,625 British Pounds for each. That's roughly $2,070 to $24,500. Know what the pens do?

They write.

Again, I never understood why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for a fountain pen.

Of course if I saw one in person--unlikely since ST Dupont has made only 8 apiece of their Haute Creation Collection Lightsaber pens--I'd could probably kill a good 25 minutes dinking around with it. Here are the details of the series:

Star Wars Tie-Fighter Fountain Pen. Made from Ceramium ACT with a matte black PVD coating for toughness. A guilloched pattern over the barrel and cap is intended to look like the front view of the original Tie-Fighter cockpit. The best part about the pen is that it also comes with a stand that assembles into a model Tie-fighter spacecraft.

Star Wars X-wing Fountain Pen. The silver ship is made from the same ACT material as the Tie-Fighter, and also features representative guilloche motifs. The pen has been engraved with the with the Star Wars logo and has the Rebel Alliance symbol on its clip. Its stand builds to complete the X-wing aesthetic.

Star Wars Haute Creation Collection. Levitating fountain pens representing the lightsabers of Darth Vader and Yoda. Vader's has a 2-carat red topaz at the end and Yoda's a green topaz. Pens themselves are made of bronze with black lacquer, palladium, and rhodium. They levitate above their circular stands via the power of The Force. And magnets.

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