Le Labo Santal 26 Fragrance Diffuser

Posted: April 25, 2017
Le Labo Santal 26 Fragrance Diffuser
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Le Labo says, "Sure, Thomas Edison gave us light, but he didn't include a nebulizer to transform our Santal 26 fragrance oil into a fine mist to spread both light and perfume into your home." Which is crazy because I was just thinking that about Thomas Edison.

Projecting an industrial-steampunk-upcycled vibe the Santal 26 fragrance diffuser turns your standard scent-spreader and stench-squelcher into a more masculine and stylized display piece, as well as a functional accent light. Le Labo uses reclaimed wood from New York's water tanks to build the diffuser's base, and then mounts an Edison bulb and diffuser bulb on top.

The Santal 26 spreads scent through nebulization, or breaking down the fragrance into a fine mist without diluting it in water, or adding heat or solvent. You can control the scent intensity by turning the knob on the right of the device (this will also increase / decrease the light bulb's output.)

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