Kyle's Kinetics Handmade Balancing Sculptures

Posted: July 26, 2016
Kyle's Kinetics Handmade Balancing Sculptures
$49.99 - $299
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Is your life out of balance? Could you use some inspiration? Are you just sick of Carson in the desk next door getting all the stop-bys and giggles from the ladies because he has the cool desktop toys? Kyle and his Kinetics have got your equilibrium. Your muse. Your "Eat my Ape Hanger Handlebar Beach Cruiser, Carson!"

Kyle's Kinetics are a collection of metal sculptures in motion. Each one--from Tiny Tim, bearer of a bent barbell, to the intricate, expertly smithed beach cruiser bike--is mounted to a bar and balanced to perfection with counterweights. So that it lolls and rotates with Cirque du Soleil finesse around its cylindrical base. Often on a Cirque du Soleil-style tip no bigger than the point of your pen.

Metal master Kyle uses a hammer, vise, and torch to bend, cut, grind, and shape every detail of the sculptures himself. A machinist handles the base facing to ensure precise flatness and reaming. All of the pieces are made from raw stainless steel rods and bars, and since each is hand crafted, you'll get an original right down to the indents of Kyle's vise and hammer strikes. Check out his website too see what he's got available, and what he'll make custom for you.

By the way, one by-product of my youth is that I will never again be able to see or hear the name "Kyle" without thinking, "Howwwwdy ho, Kyle!" Anyone else?

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