Hole-in-the-Bucket Pen & Pencil Holder

Posted: April 26, 2022
Hole-in-the-Bucket Pen & Pencil Holder
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When Dear Henry tells Dear Liza about the hole in the bucket of this clever pen and pencil holder, he might get a kiss instead of a face palm for once. As a gift for the office, addition to your home desktop, or even placed on the sink as a sponge holder, the hole-in-the-bucket container provides a charming image of water spilling out of a punctured pail. The water, like the bucket, and most other products in life, is made of plastic, so in addition to creating the optical illusion, it also supports the bucket, and suspends it about 3-1/2" off the surface.

Hole-in-the-bucket buckets come in a handful of candy colors, plus black. Sadly, they just missed my list of 14 fun and functional desk toys.

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