Gold Bar Noteblock

Posted: June 15, 2019
Gold Bar Noteblock
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You struck gold! It's a note reminding you to fold the laundry - mow the lawn - empty the rat trap. The Gold Bar Noteblock contains over $300 worth of gold-dipped leaves for leaving chore reminders that will help lessen the naggy blow of coming home to a reminder to do chores.

Oh no, wait, it's not over $300 worth of gold sheets, it's just over 300 sheets. Of plain paper. Dyed gold. Wamp, wamp. Chores still suck as hard as they did before. So unless you're the one doling out the directives, a Gold Bar Noteblock isn't that great of an asset to add to your portfolio.

On the other hand, executives, bosses, and bossy partners and parents - this Gold Bar's for you!

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