Eiffel Tower Hidden Knife

Posted: August 01, 2018
Eiffel Tower Hidden Knife

I can't take credit for coming up with the nickname, but think of this Eiffel Tower desktop display piece as your Kneiffel Tower. Because at the ready inside the formidable 15-1/2" landmark stands an 8-1/2" hidden knife! A clandestine blade! A poignard cache!

OK, fine, it's really more of a letter opener.

But still!

Those into Paris or traveling, art deco or world landmarks, and handwritten letters or concealed weapons alike can all appreciate this nifty use of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Its 4 legs and first 2 platforms serve as a detachable base for the knife, which slides in blade up so you can cover it with a sheath printed in the latticework pattern of the rest of the tower. The blade itself also has the criss-crossing design of the Eiffel Tower printed on it.

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