Custom Vinyl Record Skulls

Posted: July 30, 2012
Custom Vinyl Record Skulls
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Grab your profundity caps, because multi-media artist Ted Riederer's custom-made Vinyl Record Skulls reflect more than just another opulent expression of punk rock. Their inspiration stems from an essay by Rainer Maria Rilke entitled "Primal Sound", in which the German poet muses over what sounds the human coronal suture would emit as, visually, it bears a striking resemblance to a sound wave. But rather than concoct and conduct extensive experiments to test his ponderings like most good Germans, Rilke uses the observation to develop an analogy and paradigm for making good art: the combination of seemingly disparate elements to produce something the world has never before seen or heard is the foundation for artistic greatness.

And it is from that piece of introspection tht Riederer conceived, gestated, and then popped out in unprecedented cranio-vinyl form his idea for melting and molding old records into human skulls. He calls the project Primal Sound.

Vinyl records in skull form are pricey, but probably because Riederer is no art world hack. An established photographer, painter, sculptor, and musician, his work has been shown internationally, with full exhibitions in lands such as Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Ireland, London, and Bangladesh. Primal Sound skull buyers can choose their own record to have transformed, or select a standard edition Gray Matter vinyl.

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