Craighill Desk Knife

Posted: June 07, 2018
Craighill Desk Knife
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The Craighill Desk Knife would sure be a fancy partner for the chewed up Bic on my desktop. Inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife, this multi-use cutting tool should look mighty nice living on your desk display, and feel just as nice slashing through adhesives when the day's mail and Amazon packages arrive.

Craighill designed the Desk Knife to feel like a writing tool in hand. Use it as the aforementioned letter opener or box cutter, or bust it out to help make the papercraft projectiles you'll launch during the next cubicle warfare offensive.

The Desk Knife begins as a 5/8" round stainless steel bar, which Craighill then notches at 1/2" intervals to create the cutting tool's grip, plus allow you to use it as a quick reference ruler. They form the cutting edge by making two compound cuts. Overall Desk Knife length is 5.25".

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