Clamp-On Desk Pegboard

Posted: June 15, 2023
Clamp-on Desk Pegboard
$44.99 - $70
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Cluttered. Disorganized. In need of a privacy screen that will hide the non-work-related things I'm doing on my laptop. You've got me pegged, VIVO. And it appears you've also got me a Clamp-On Desk Pegboard to address the issues.

VIVO's Clamp-On Desk Pegboards are made of magnetized steel and, on top of their rows of peg holes, come with hooks, binder clips, magnets, zip ties and shelves to help neaten up your desktop without the need for wall mounting. Use the boards to store headphones, cables, keys, and EDC items, in addition to standard office accessories and desk toys. Boards sell in 12" and 24" panel sets, and can be purchased in multiples and combined to build a privacy wall around all or part of your desk. The clamps fit desktops up to 4" thick.

In addition to clamping on the pegboards vertically above your desk, you can also attach them horizontally underneath and use the holes, hooks, and ties for cable management.

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