Books from The Simpsons Notebooks

Posted: June 09, 2019
Books from The Simpsons Notebooks
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Nope, not more books about The Simpsons, books from The Simpsons. Unfortunately - or maybe it's better this way - Best Play Ever did not try to write all twenty-some-odd of these books that have appeared over the years in the cartoon series, they've just brought their covers to life, and turned them into lined notebooks.

You can buy Marge's coffee table finds and Homer's favorite beach reads individually or in sets of 5 notebooks. Some title (and drawing!) highlights include:

  • Curious George and the Ebola Virus
  • Greatest Sport Injuries
  • The Joy of Cooking Milhouse
  • Am I Disabled?
  • Glass Eater
  • Gigantic Asses

Books from The Simpsons Notebooks comes with 48 pages of 80gsm white paper and memorable covers printed on 300gsm recycled board.

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