80s Super Tape Notebook

Posted: May 24, 2020
80s Super Tape Notebook
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Oh did my mama have a whole library of VHS cassettes that looked just like the one parodied in Denik's 80s Super Tape Notebook. I think Sony was behind this particular brand packaging, and the VCR-ready footage our house's tapes contained ranged from birthday parties and Christmas mornings, to Mama-recorded (read: get ready to feel pukey!) swim meets, to NBC's airing of The Goonies, which I tried really hard to stop recording at commercials to have an ad-free viewing experience later, but always ended up forgetting to either stop or start the tape again.

The 80s Super Tape Notebook can help you record all of your nostalgia too, but rather than pushing VCR buttons and figuring out how to work the daggamn video camera, all you'll need is a pen and some thoughts like the ones I'm having now to write down on your choice of lined, blank, or dot grid paper. The notebook sandwiches 144 pages between its soft throwback covers, and is the same approximate size as a sleeved VHS cassette at 5.25" x 8.25".

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