Zen Nixie Tube Clock

Posted: October 19, 2017
Zen Nixie Tube Clock
$1,625 - $2,005
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Dalibor Farny. Now that's a great name. I'm thinking of using Dalibor for the name of my next pet. That's how great I think the name is. Is that beside the point? Yes. What's right on top of the point then? That he makes nixie tubes, and then uses them to build cocks that look like they either belong in the 1950s or 2050s. I can't decide which. Wait...that's clocks, not cocks. But it does beg the question...would a cock from the 1950s look or perform remarkedly different than a cock in the year 2050. I picture the 1950s cock to be of lower resolution I guess or almost void of color if I think about it, and the 2050s cock just more 3D and better lit, or something evoking TRON or Bladerunner sentiment.

What is apparent though, is that Dalibor's new Zen Nixie Clock is a work of art. These are handmade nixie tubes people! Goddammit how can I get you guys to understand this!!! Ok, I'm getting coffeed away. I don't even know how I'm drinking this iced coffee actually. The oldish lady that poured the ice into the cup used her bare hand as a guide and as each cube cascaded off of her undoubtedly heavily-lotioned old lady palm skin, I vomited in my mouth a bit. But, that's coffee for you. You need it bad man.

Back to my future pet dog's namesake. Dalibor is just the type of guy that is painstaking. And this clock has pain written all over it. Using the original Z568M tube that was manufactured in East Germany by RFT as inspiration Dalibor has resurrected the nixie tube with his own flavor, the R|Z568M Nixie Tube. Put 6 of those suckers together with a board to control them, and you have a cock. Clock. Whatever.

Dalibor writes, "Zen Nixie Clock is our first 6-tube clock designed using R|Z568M nixie tubes from our production. The case is designed in a minimalistic way, combining simple aluminum stand and a glass cover - just like a museum vitrine. Thanks to its simple shapes, the clock suits every interior - especially offices, living rooms." Well thanks for that Dalibor, but I'll decide where to put it and that's...probably the living room. You're right. Damn you Dalibor.

The Zen Nixie Tube Clock comes with an easy to use online interface to connect the clock to WiFi for accuracy and a host of other custom options from LED under lighting colors to tube brightness. Very slick Dalibor. Good boy.

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