Wine Education Prints

Posted: January 21, 2014
Wine Education Prints
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Wine Folly has produced a series of infographic prints to assist in the casual wine drinker's oeno-education, and to give the wine savvy a sense of pride in seeing all the minutiae living inside their heads poured onto posters they can admire on their walls. In addition to the advice on How to Choose a Bottle of Wine we previously discussed, Wine Folly's collection includes:

The Basic Wine Guide to Preclude Looking Like the Dinner Table's Boorish Ignoramus. An 18" x 24" print delineating the framework of wine service and tasting techniques. Topics covered include wine calories, alcohol level, wine color, aroma, glassware, and decoding a wine label.

Wine Descriptions & What the Hell They Mean. This 18" x 24" print includes detailed explanations of over 120 descriptors commonly applied to wine's flavors and effects on the taster's palate. Like chewy, angular, and flamboyant, which can apparently apply to wine in addition to Skittles, Triscuits, and Froot Loops.

The Different Types of Wine, All of Which Will Get You Way More Shitfaced than Beer. An 18" x 24" visual guide to all major types of wine and a trusty compendium for finding a varietal that won't make you wince, pucker, or gag. Wine styles and flavor characteristics are profiled.

Pairing Wine and Food So That They Don't Make Each Other Taste Like a Barnyard Butthole. Color coded paths covering this 12" x 16" print lead from food categories to wine styles and varietals that typically pair well with them. Included are 11 types of food and 8 selections of wine. Wine Folly also notes here that asparagus, green beans, artichokes, brussels sprouts, and chocolate are pretty much lost causes when it comes to tasty wine pairings, and at least 4 of the 5 are going to taste like barnyard buttholes no matter what you serve them with.

The Colors of Wine You Will Inevitably Spill on Your Own Cheap Shirt or Someone Else's Incredibly Expensive One. 13" x 19" of data on wine coloration, from light-bodied reds to well-aged whites. Stain removal tips did not make the infographic's cut.

All wine education posters are printed on high quality matte paper with a book finish. Also, I may have taken some liberties with their official titles.

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